White Paper: The Metaverse – An Overview

Written by: Simon Figures, SC Ventures San Francisco Email | LinkedIn In Brief The metaverse is best described as a future version of the Internet where people interact socially and professionally in persistent, shared, and immersive virtual worlds. Numerous analysts are predicting a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity with far reaching implications for a broad range of industry […]

FinTech Bridge Live: Sustainability in PropTech

In our recent SC Ventures FinTech Bridge live session, Marion Bernardi and Harald Eltvedt spoke with Ashish Jerry Justin, CEM® CMVP® RCx Pro, Marie Cheong, Virginia Brumby Ferreira and Apurv Suri about trends, regulations and opportunities to drive sustainability and impact in the booming #proptech space. Here are some key takeaways: 💥 Tech advancements, hybrid work arrangements, increasing business focus on achieving #netzero and government regulations are key factors […]

Mobilizing the potential of AI for sustainable trade finance

Around the world, 1.7 billion people still lack access to a formal bank account. As data grows exponentially, AI has the power to transform this data profusion into financial inclusion, with the right infrastructure and ethical framework. In a recent World Economic Forum article, SC Ventures’ Amelia Ng and Laurent Le Moal, CEO of PayU, share the three key elements needed […]

Zodia mastering digital custody and gender balance

SC Ventures founded Zodia to manage digital assets for institutional clients while maintaining a robust compliance and control framework – a unique selling point. Find out how Zodia is pioneering institutional-grade digital custody solutions and how gender diversity plays in Zodia’s success story. The need for a regulated digital custody solution Zodia by SC Ventures […]

A year of grit and growth

By: Alex Manson, SC Ventures   Well… we didn’t see that one coming! Last year was painful for most people, to varying degrees – at times tragic with the loss of loved ones, emerging forms of mental illness, loss of jobs and means of living. The gap between rich and poor increased and humanity suffered […]

Corporates Supporting Startups: Does it all have to be about the money?

By: Hari Rajmohan, SC Ventures | 24 Oct 2019 I first spoke to Edward Neequaye on an teleconference line, along with a few other employees of Standard Chartered Bank. By then we had shortlisted Edward/ Built and another start up, from amongst over 100 contenders to be the recipient of a $50k cash award and […]

Finding the Silver Lining of Covid-19 for startups

By: Alex Toh, SC Ventures | 16 June 2020 (Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer) Being in the startup scene, you tend to be (or after a while become) optimistic as you’re surrounded by passionate people building their dreams. On the VC side, you […]

Digital CVP – the elusive segment of ‘one’

By Sachin Rajat Sharma, CPO, nexus | 24 August, 2020 Are financial institutions ready for hyper personalisation? Sachin R Sharma with Vipul Gupta ,23 August 2020 You were talking about a holiday and lo and behold!, an advertisement for ‘weekend getaways’ appears on your social media wall. ‘This is spooky, are they listening to me?’ […]

Does safe online banking compromise accessible online banking?

By Bill Winters, Group Chief Executive at Standard Chartered 21 Oct 2020 Here is a constant conundrum many of us in banking face. How do you make your online banking services as easy and accessible as possible while ensuring they are completely safe and secure? Making select investments in savvy fintechs that think laterally about […]

Be a lady, they said

By Fernn Lim, SC Ventures | 15 Sept 2020 I’ve had the privilege to be 1 of the 30 women selected for the Money 20/20 ASIA RISE UP Programme, class of 2020. If you are part of the Fintech industry, you would know the Money 20/20 folks are a force to be reckoned with! The […]