Driving Transformation

SC Ventures is designed and structured such that the combination of key pillars enable the transformational impact. The whole is greater than the sum of our parts.

Explore alternative business models
Build new business models which are adjacent to banking. Provide optionality and potentially new sources of revenues for the Bank and our clients through joint ventures.
Ventures in Development
Ventures Live
  • Digital banking and lifestyle

  • Online economy and payments

  • SMEs and world trade

  • Digital assets

  • Capabilities as a service

  • Sustainability and inclusion

Seed and VC-type funding by SC Ventures; open to strategic and financial investors.
Commercially viable, scalable and investible business.
Advancing our fintech agenda
Identifying and partnering with companies that can provide technology and capabilities, which can be integrated into the Bank and Ventures, furthering our product and service offerings in relevant markets. Focus is on innovative, fast growing, technology focused companies which accelerate transformation in the financial industry.

Portfolio Companies

$1 - 10m

Investment Size in Fund



Investment Profile
  • Global mandate
  • Revenue generating companies with market/enterprise ready products
  • Series B to pre-IPO (Series A, by exception)
  • Minority, strategic stakes
Value Add for Portfolio Companies
  • Strategic advice and support
  • Co-creation opportunities
  • Global, emerging market footprint
  • Access to Bank’s relationships
  • Reference client testimonial

Promoting innovation

Intrapreneurship Programme

Is it better to ask 1 Genius to solve a problem or 1000 Average Joes? The answer is both.

Whether as an individual or a team, we welcome new ideas through challenges and ad-hoc submissions on our FinTech Bridge platform.

Intrapreneurs with outstanding ideas are well-equipped with a full suite of tried-and-tested resources essential to manage, own and advance their journey:

  • People (Innovation Coaches, SC Ventures Members & Network, Bank Ecosystem)
  • Tools (Bootcamps covering Human Centered Design, Lean, Agile techniques, our own proprietary tools)
  • Culture (Innovation Time Recognition, Culture Change Programme)

Depending on each intrapreneur’s needs and requirements, we provide the necessary bandwidth for them to manage their idea development pace and to balance the workload of their respective day jobs.

Based on years of practice, the Intrapreneurship programme has proven to evolve ideas to live implementation at scale, where their innovation efforts and commitment have been recognised by senior members of the firm. To improve our product, we constantly iterate and enhance our offering based on participant and client feedback.

We certainly look forward to what lies ahead, so reach out to us so we can help drive innovation and optimize your technologies, processes, and culture.

The Intrapreneur Process

We are a platform that uses company crowdsourcing to develop innovative ideas which solve complex and/or difficult problems.

We do this by partnering with companies to create a problem statement and sharing it via SC Ventures White Labelled solution (the FinTech Bridge) to the employees of the firm. Those employees posit ideas, form teams, and experiment – which ends with a number of solutions provided to us. We share these ideas with our client firm, and work to refine those ideas with combined expertise from SC Ventures and our client.

In brief, we solve complex problems for clients using a mix of Human Centered Design, Lean Startup, and our own proprietary tools, and our clients partner with us in such a way as to drive an innovation culture within their employee population. Everyone wins.

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