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FinTech Bridge Live: Sustainability in PropTech

In our recent SC Ventures FinTech Bridge live session, Marion Bernardi and Harald Eltvedt spoke with Marie CheongVirginia Brumby Ferreira and Apurv Suri about trends, regulations and opportunities to drive sustainability and impact in the booming #proptech space. Here are some key takeaways:

💥 Tech advancements, hybrid work arrangements, increasing business focus on achieving #netzero and government regulations are key factors driving the innovation and transformation of property usage and management.

🏛️ Governments vs. Corporates – who is leading the change? While we’re seeing more regulations in place to support green building, we don’t need to wait for regulations to influence change. We need business models aligned to what stakeholders and customers will pay for, e.g. better use of space and workplace experience with focus on sustainability – that will drive change!

🏢 Hybrid work arrangements are changing expectations of work spaces. When people want to come into the office, we need to think about how we can make it the most collaborative, productive, attractive and sustainable experience it can be.

💪 Co-creating with clients and partners is key, enabling us to tap into various areas of expertise to drive innovation.

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