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Meet Lynette Lee, venture lead of Huma, our solution focused on demystifying ESG due diligence

Celebrating International Women’s Month, we speak to Lynette Lee, venture lead of Huma, our solution focused on demystifying ESG due-diligence, about what three traits she thinks every successful entrepreneur should have, how she approaches gender biases along her founder journey, and the advice she would give her younger self – and budding entrepreneurs embarking on their venture journey.


What are three qualities you need to have to be a successful entrepreneur?

L: Resilience, Humility, and a strong Network

Lynette at Singapore Fintech Association’s SheStartsUp panel, organized by SFA’s Women-in-Fintech subcommittee

What has helped you overcome any gender bias along your venture journey?

L: Unconscious bias will always rear its head in micro aggressive behaviours. The ability to identify these biases early helps me approach these situations better, and make things work as a founder. For e.g., being cognizant of and differentiating between action and lip service is one such way.


What is one piece of advice you would tell your younger self when you started your venture journey?Any advice for other budding female entrepreneurs?

L: I have two pieces of advice. Firstly, be authentic and bring your team along in your journey. Secondly, empower yourself against narcissistic behaviour in your founder’s journey. It will serve ourselves and others well in the long run.


SC Ventures team celebrating our win at the Global Fintech Awards 2022

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