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Panel: Do you need a Chief Metaverse Officer?

What is the metaverse?

A huge thank you to our speakers Kevin BriseboisVictoria WellsMathew Sweezey and Simon Figures for a really educational and fun conversation where we discussed the metaverse vs. web3, whether the time to dive in is now, and how companies can start thinking about their metaverse strategies.

Some key takeaways:

👾  What is the Metaverse vs. web3?

The Metaverse is the virtual, 3D experience of the internet & takes the form of gaming platforms, virtual entertainment (basically anywhere you can be an avatar and explore digital platforms) while web3 is the underlying fundamental technologies and robust infrastructure. – Victoria Wells, R/GA’s Strategy Director, Web3 & Metaverse

🙋‍♀️ WHY should brands care?

On top of your store front, social and websites, the metaverse is another place where our customers live & where commerce is conducted. It’s where the market is, so it’s where we have to be – Mathew Sweezey, Co-founder of Salesforce’s Web3 Studio

🚀 How can you get started?

Talk to your stakeholders, align internally on how you want to use the metaverse and web3 and map out how it creates value for your company and customers – Kevin Brisebois, Brinc’s Director, Corporate Innovation & Partnerships

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