Commercialising Tokenisation: The Path to Institutional Grade

Mariah Alexis Neubronner
18th Oct 2023
Commercialising Tokenisation: The Path to Institutional Grade

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming event “Commercialising Tokenisation: The Path to Institutional Grade”, in partnership with the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, under the umbrella of the UK-Singapore Fintech Bridge.

Over two panels, we’ll explore the potential of real-world asset tokenisation to drive financial inclusion through practical use cases; the evolving regulatory landscape and infrastructure for digital assets; and the role of partnerships to advance a compliant, safe and mature ecosystem. We will also be announcing the launch of Libeara, our platform that enables B2B clients to tokenise assets using Decentralised Ledger Technology.

Event Details

14 November 2023 \ 12:00 - 2:00pm SGT \ WeWork, Level 18, 21 Collyer Quay (Singapore 049320)


12:00 - 12:10pm \ Opening Remarks by Alex Manson (SC Ventures) and Kara Owen, British High Commissioner to Singapore

12:10 - 12:35pm \ Panel 1

A Balancing Act: What Will It Take to Chart a More Responsible Digital Assets Ecosystem?

As digital assets take centre stage in emerging TradFi business models, we’ll explore the landscape at large, the various approaches to regulations in this space, and how financial institutions can play a role in enabling a compliant, safe and mature digital asset ecosystem.

Speakers: Rene Michau, Global Head, Digital Assets, Standard Chartered \ Niki Beattie, Founder and MD, Market Structure Partners \ Sheldon Mills, ED, Consumers and Competition, Financial Conduct Authority \ Nicole Sandler, Head of Digital Policy, Barclays \ Moderated by: Mike Rourke, Head of Product, Arkhon

12:35 - 1:00pm \ Panel 2

Access, Mobility, Efficiency: How Tokenisation Will Transform Tomorrow’s Financial Markets

From money-market funds to real estate, developments pertaining to the tokenisation of financial and other real-world assets have dominated headlines throughout the past year. No longer limited to a niche group of players, traditional financial institutions, too, are now getting into the game. Within private markets alone, analysts estimate that the tokenisation market is likely to be the prime blockchain breakthrough, reaching a market value of almost US$4 trillion by the end of this decade. What are the opportunities, risks, and limitations? How does tokenisation stand to reshape financial services as an industry and its participants for the foreseeable future? How can banks, financial institutions, central banks, regulators, policymakers, and blockchain players all work together to ensure safety, interoperability, and regulatory compliance without limiting innovation?

Speakers: Chengyi Ong, Head of Policy, APAC, Chainalysis \ Bao Vu, Investment Director, FundBridge Capital \ Kevin Lim, Director, Blockchain at Temasek \ K Duker, CEO, Development Bank of Ghana \ Moderated by: Aaron Gwak, CEO, Libeara

1:00 - 2:00pm \ Lunch and Networking

Register by clicking on the "Reserve a Spot" button at the top right corner of the page.

Event date

14th Nov 2023, 04:00
21 Collyer Quay, Level 18, Singapore 049320
Register by: 11th Nov 2023, 03:59

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