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SC Ventures is a business unit that provides a platform & catalyst for Standard Chartered to promote innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models.

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Our Themes

Considering changing global dynamics, we have developed high conviction themes which reimagine how banks will serve society.

Online Economy & Lifestyle
The rise and integration of the online economy is a key driver for economic growth. Finance needs to support the digital lifestyles of this new economy
SMEs & World Trade
World trade is a crucial engine for global welfare and GDP growth, but SMEs still struggle with inclusion with the global economy and access to the financial system
Digital Assets
Digital assets are here to stay, but in need of a sustainable and safe infrastructure, which banks are well positioned to provide
Sustainability & Inclusion
Corporates and banks have the opportunity to fully integrate sustainability and financial inclusion into their business models
Minority Investments

How we Operate

The whole is greater than the sum of our parts

SC Ventures is designed and structured such that the combination of key pillars enable the transformational impact.


Build and scale new business models involving banking and financial services


Cement relationships via minority stakes in fintechs and partners that provide technology and capabilities which the bank and our ventures can leverage

FinTech Bridge

Access a powerful community of fintechs to address business challenges

Intrapreneurship Programme

Bringing innovation to organisations through SC Ventures’ certified intrapreneurship process and white-label technology

The SC Ventures Advantage


We have the DNA to operate in hyper regulated environments, creating ventures that have a significant competitive edge in assessing risk and creating compliant business models


We have a distinct approach to venture building and corporate structuring, which has resulted in 30+ nimble ventures that are backed by a regulated financial institution


We operate in the world’s most dynamic and innovative economies, predominantly focused on Asia, Africa and Middle East


We have built a very diverse team, across multiple domains, which brings a wealth of different perspectives to venture building


We leverage partnerships as key building blocks for ecosystems of the future


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