About Us

About Us

Rewiring the DNA in Banking

Who We Are

We are, by design, a group of highly diverse individuals, assembling former entrepreneurs, design thinkers, technologists and obviously bankers and investment professionals – the kind of people that don’t normally interact much at work together.

We also have deal makers and risk professionals. It is sometimes difficult, but our magic lies in that diversity of not only individuals but also perspectives and ways of approaching “rewiring the DNA”.

What We Do

Our model is a combination of ventures building, investments and leveraging our eXellerator to promote a culture of innovation.

We aim to rethink and ultimately recreate the building blocks of the financial ecosystem, so we can better serve our clients and the themes in society at large.

Our Story

We started in March 2018 with the realisation that finance is at the dawn of a new era – an era of much greater opportunity brought by technology, but by the same token, the risk of a Kodak moment for one or more banks. We were inspired by the need to reconnect banking and society by making ourselves more relevant to the growth and sustainability of our markets, which was the fundamental reason why banks were set up in the first place.

We called this "Rewiring the DNA in Banking", and this purpose not only helped us align our beliefs and aspirations, but also gave us an important basis to test many of the innovation ideas, activities and ventures with members, intrapreneurs, and partners. The words were chosen intentionally: "Rewiring" recognises a digital element, where we aim to better use data, technology and partnerships with fintechs to accelerate the transformation of banking. At the heart of our change aspirations however, is the "DNA", our human focus on innovation.

We aim to ensure relevance for our clients; we also aim to empower our colleagues to think creatively and deliver impactful change as part of their work life: ultimately, innovation is primarily about people. Finally, we aspire to change "banking" as a whole and make it truly exciting for future generations, beginning with Standard Chartered but including our entire ecosystem.

Alex Manson
SC Ventures

The SC Ventures Advantage

We only back ventures and investments where we have a material competitive advantage.

We have a unique network and understand our markets. A significant portion of world’s supply chains touch markets where we operate. The digital revolution started and continues to grow here.

We are open to partnerships. We acknowledge that we are continually evolving. We build ecosystems and platforms, rather than monoliths and silos, with the right partners and mindset.

We also have the DNA to operate in a regulated environment and have built trust over generations, giving us a significant competitive edge over new entrants in assessing risk and creating compliant business models.

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