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Scaling Breakthrough Business Models, Together

SC Ventures is a business unit that provides a platform & catalyst for Standard Chartered to promote innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models.

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Years of Journey

Our Themes

Considering changing global dynamics, we have developed high conviction themes which reimagine how banks will serve society.

Online Economy & Lifestyle
The rise and integration of the online economy is a key driver for economic growth. Finance needs to support the digital lifestyles of this new economy
SMEs & World Trade
World trade is a crucial engine for global welfare and GDP growth, but SMEs still struggle with inclusion with the global economy and access to the financial system​
Digital Assets
Digital assets are here to stay, but in need of a sustainable and safe infrastructure, which banks are well positioned to provide
Sustainability and Inclusion
Corporates and banks have the opportunity to fully integrate sustainability and financial inclusion into their business models

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

- by Alex Manson

This book was written as we have gone from “zero to one” in a little over four years. The foundations have been laid, and new working cultural norms are taking root.
Yet, we are only getting started, there is so much more to come: as such, what is shared here is but a snapshot in time.

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Access to inspiring contents shared by our community.

How UAE-based myZoi is accelerating financial inclusion

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NAB Ventures takes a stake in bank-backed global digital asset custodian Zodia Custody

Innovation Challenges

Find opportunities to partner with corporates, build a PoC and scale across their networks.

Active Challenge

Standard Chartered Bank

How can AI solutions revolutionize Retail Banking/Wealth Management and propel us towards building the AI bank of the future?

Active Challenge


How can we leverage on innovative technologies to help our RMs stay aligned with their customers’ ESG goals?

Active Challenge

SC Ventures

How might we scan through the important documents and identify missing information using Gen AI

Pitch Arena offers a unique opportunity to connect with potential investors, partners, and mentors who can help bring your vision to life.

Oct 9, 2023



InveStar BD (AI based Wealth-Tech meets Ed-Tech)

Oct 9, 2023



Genomic Digital Onboarding Identity System

Oct 9, 2023



Apricus 8 Pitch

Our Ventures & Investments

How we Operate

The whole is greater than the sum of our parts

SC Ventures is designed and structured such that the combination of key pillars enable the transformational impact.

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Venture Building
Build and scale new business models involving banking and financial services

Cement relationships via minority stakes in fintechs and partners

Client Engagement & Partnerships
Are you ready to transform your business, unlock untapped opportunities, and navigate the ever-changing market dynamics?

Our client engagement and partnership team specializes in identifying innovative business models, forging lucrative joint ventures, and establishing strategic partnerships that enable new capabilities & revenue streams.
Intrapreneurship Programme
Bringing innovation to corporates and SMEs through SC Ventures’ certified intrapreneurship process and whitelabel technology
SC Ventures was lauded at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards for exploring digital asset potential
SC Ventures and ENGIE Factory partner on startup to bolster funding for conservation projects
SC Ventures makes strategic investment in Algbra, establishes partnership with its UK sustainable finance platform Shoal
Our Ecosystem Partners