Standard Chartered partners with The Sandbox to create metaverse experience

25 April 2022, Hong Kong – Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“SCBHK”) today announced a new partnership with The Sandbox, a leading decentralised gaming virtual world, to create innovative experiences for our clients and the community. SCBHK is the first bank to acquire virtual land at The Sandbox metaverse’s Mega City district, a culture […]

The Business Secrets Held in India’s Nutella Jars

Small retailers in India have always been neglected by banks. Standard Chartered is taking a granular approach to helping them get credit. A case of Dove bars, a couple of dozen Lay’s packets, six jars of Nutella. To the owner of a tiny mom-and-pop store, these may just be the humdrum weekly sales figures for soap, chips and bread spread. […]

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