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We’ll be at Singapore FinTech Festival & Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022

As a corporate sponsor of Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 and Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022, Standard Chartered will be hosting an entire week of events between 31st October and 4th November.

Against the backdrop of profound global challenges, there lies the opportunity for businesses to be a force for good. Join our panels and visit our booths to learn how we’re reconnecting banking and society to address the realities of a more decentralised, diverse and divided world and build the infrastructure of the new economy for the next 160 years.

Check out the agenda below and stay tuned for more details!

Singapore Fintech Festival Agenda

Our booth at SFF #3C35




Monday, 31 Oct: Lab Crawl - Venturing into the New Economy

Recent economic and geo-political issues have caused dramatic shifts in the global trade economy, compelling companies of all sizes to seek innovative ways to foster resilience and sustainability. As part of this year's Singapore Fintech Festival 'Lab Crawl', SC Ventures is hosting a series of 8 panels, showcasing our ventures as they share their experiences and expertise against the backdrop of global industry trends and market observations. Cutting across the themes of SMEs & World Trade, Digital Assets, Online Economy & Lifestyle and Sustainability and Inclusion, let our ventures tell you how they innovate, build resilience and foster sustainability - and how you can do the same! 

10:00 - 10:45am SGT

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

How does venture building enable corporates to create new business models, innovate and transform?

• How are corporates managing their innovation processes?

• Is venture building the only way? How are corporates using the venture building method to transform the way they innovate?

• Should every corporate have a venture building arm?

• Brought to you by SC Ventures



• Caroline Guyot, Managing Director, ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific

• Christine Giam, VP and Head of New Ventures/ Venture Capital, Economic Development Board

• Harald Eltvedt, Member SC Ventures

• Moderator: Priya Venkat, Member SC Ventures

11:00 - 11:45am SGT

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

An SME growth playbook for emerging markets

• What is the 'Missing Middle' phenomenon?

• What are some of the latest innovation and technology in the market to help SMEs tackle challenges and capture missed opportunities holistically?

• A possible platform strategy in the Information Age: "Cash is KING and data is QUEEN" - discover how platform data can generate cash.

• Brought to you by Solv

Solv is a B2B E-Commerce marketplace platform that facilitates commerce in a trusted environment, while easing access to finance and business services for SMEs in India through one seamless digital experience. 


• Jiten Arora, Member, SC Ventures

• Michelle Cheong, Head of Content and Business Strategy, Credit & Risk Solutions APAC, S&P Global Market Intelligence

• Moderator: Fernn Lim, Chief of Staff, SC nexus

12:00 - 12:45pm SGT

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

Financial inclusion goes beyond a bank account

• How do blockchain, tokenisation and digital assets enable individuals to access financial ecosystems and previously inaccessible assets, thereby empowering them to share in the prosperity of their country?

• Brought to you by Libeara

Libeara is a platform leveraging blockchain for digital subscription to new issuances, automated allocation, and secondary market trading of retail bonds.


• Steven Hu, Head of Digital Assets, Trade & Working Capital , SCB

• Kevin Lim, Temasek, VC, Partner, Blockchain Investing

• Nizam Ismail, Ethikom, CEO

• Aaron Gwak, CEO Libeara

• Moderator: Harald Eltvedt, Member, SC Ventures

1:00 - 1:45pm SGT

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

Re-imagining the future of digital supply chain ecosystems

• Explore how organisations can embrace new technology to re-balance supply chains and navigate the challenges ahead.

• Learn about key trends re-shaping future supply chains based on the views of over 100 senior executives from SMEs to large corporates.

• Understand the role of big-data, AI and machine learning, predictive analytics, principle-based risk profiling and more, as enablers of growth acceleration and taking financial inclusion to new levels.

• Redefine supply chain ecosystems to factor financial agility, operational stability, and future readiness.

• Brought to you by TASConnect

TASConnect is a bank agnostic supply chain finance platform that unlocks significant value for organisations, by providing end-to-end automation, visibility and control of their trade and supply chain ecosystems.


• Sujay S K, Co founder & Deputy CEO, TASConnect

• Sidharta Sircar, Partner, PwC international

• Tan Chun Hao, Exco Member, Singapore Fintech Association GM, Goldenbell Financial Services, Co-founder, Polaris

• Nick Chen, Senior Commercial Financing Manager, Lenovo

• Moderator: Apurv Suri, Member, SC Ventures

2:00 - 2:45pm SGT

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

How can fintechs and banks team up to promote global trade?

• What are the key drivers behind a potential 'slow down' for global trade next year?

• What are the key challenges to businesses/ corporates as importers and exporters?

• How are market participants such as corporates, banks and fintechs responding to these challenges?

• How can technology help alleviate such an impact?

• Brought to you by Olea

Olea is a digitised trade finance origination and distribution platform aiming to bring together businesses requiring supply chain financing with investors who invest in trade finance assets as an alternative asset class.


• Amelia Ng, CEO, Olea Global

• Atul Jain, Global Co-head, Trade Finance and Lending, Deutsche Bank

• Seo Young Lee, Partner, Head of Southeast Asia, Oliver Wyman

• Moderator: Harald Eltvedt, Member, SC Ventures

3:00 - 3:45pm SGT

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

Making embedded finance work – lessons learnt from deploying BaaS in Indonesia 

• As one of the first BaaS deployments in Indonesia, we've got battle scars and war stories to share in this 'no holds barred' sharing session on how we successfully deployed BaaS in Indonesia. From the highs to the lows, we'll be openly sharing our triumphs and learnings.

• Brought to you by Standard Chartered nexus

Standard Chartered nexus is a banking-as-a-service solution enabling digital ecosystems to embed financial services by leveraging Standard Chartered's banking licenses and technology stack.


• Asfima Aisya Tusin, Country Head, Standard Chartered nexus

• Maria Siborutorop, AVP, Fintech, Bukalapak

• Moderator: Fernn Lim, Chief of Staff, Standard Chartered nexus

4:00 - 4:45pm SGT

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

Own your (venture's) future: Establishing a robust system for growth

• Building sustainable business models that put customer needs first is critical to the success of any venture - what strategic initiatives are corporate ventures adopting to be at the forefront of innovation and growth, to this end?

• Whether you are an investor, a start-up founder or work in the field of innovation, learn how you can maximise what is within your control to be ready to own your (venture’s) future.

• Brought to you by Autumn

Autumn is a fintech company focused on helping people get ready to own their future. We help people understand all aspects of their money life so they can make smart choices to reach their goals.


• Chetan Karkhanis, SVP - Digital Advisory & Wealth Management, Franklin Templeton

• David Isaac Mathews, Innovation Strategy & Corporate Venture Building, Brandspace Advisory in Partnership with UN: Ventures

• Mark Dymock, Member - Investments, M&A and Fundraising, SC Ventures

• Moderator: April McKenna, CEO, Autumn

5:00 - 5:45pm

Level 1, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

Keep up and keep moving

• In times of increased cybersecurity and compliance requirements, how can companies keep up yet still move quickly?

• How do we build strong and resilient ecosystems through investments in young ventures?

• Brought to you by LetsBloom and SC Ventures’ investment team

LetsBloom is a cloud platform-as-a-service that helps organizations in regulated industries, such as insurance, lending, and banking, to launch new experiences—maximizing speed to market and minimizing security & compliance risk.


• Lokesh Sharma, CEO, Letsbloom

• Pascal Nizri, CEO, Chekk

• Shannon Lee, Partner, Centauri Fund

• Moderator: Alex Toh, Member, SC Ventures

Tuesday, 1 Nov

5:00 - 8:00pm SGT

Level 18, 21 Collyer Quay, S049320

Generation ESG: Developing the Blueprint for Sustainable Business Growth

Once considered a “nice-to-have”, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives are fast becoming essential to sustainable business strategy and long term growth, with consumers and investors putting their money where their values are.

In this panel, we speak to business leaders across the Bank, and our partners, to understand how we’re building the blueprint for sustainable business growth, in line with our mission to be here for good. We’ll explore topics such as:

• Driving the transition to the Net Zero economy through leveraging data strategy;
• Rethinking trade finance using data as a force for good;
• Powering financial inclusion through blockchain;
• Developing ESG supply chains with blockchain, in partnership with WWF Singapore

• Dr Meri Rosich, Chief Data Officer, CCIB, Standard Chartered

• Jalyn Dove, Head of Sustainable Finance Strategic Initiatives. Standard Chartered

• Natalie Marko, Global head of Digital Strategy, MD, FM, Standard Chartered

• Kai Fehr, Global Head, Trade & Working Capital, Standard Chartered

• Eric Pascal, Global Head of Digital Currencies, Standard Chartered Bank
• Sherie Ng, Managing Direcotr (SG & MY), Google
• Lynette Lee, SC Ventures

• Poyan Rajamand, SC Ventures

Wednesday, 2 Nov

10:00 - 11:30pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: FinTech Engagement

• Simran Gill & Santosh Patel, SC Ventures

12:30 - 2:00pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: ESG & Sustainability

• Poyan Rajamand, Lynette Lee & Harald Eltvedt, SC Ventures
• Jaclyn Dove, Head of Sustainable Finance, Strategic Initiatives, Standard Chartered
• Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer, Standard Chartered

12:30 - 2:30pm SGT

Elevandi Insights Forum, Room 2 (Garnet 213) at Singapore Expo

Responsible AI in Financial Services: Foundations and Future 

This Roundtable aims to discuss the roles and regulations of AI/ML in the financial services industry and given its nascency, what the future evolutions might be. The objective of this Roundtable is to emphasise the importance of and to align the course of action to promote a collaborative, consistent and global adoption of RAI standards. Key discussion areas include:
1. Context of AI & RAI adoption
2. Current implementation and challenges in RAI adoption in the industry
3. Steps to promote large scale adoption


• Vijay Jairaj, Executive Director, Responsible AI and Data Ethics, Standard Chartered

12:35 - 12:45pm SGT

Product Announcements & Showcases, Hall 3 at Singapore Expo

Standard Chartered launches Payouts-as-a-Service solution in 5 markets to enable next generation digital commerce

Payouts as a service is a part of Standard Chartered Bank’s embedded transaction banking suite that allows digital businesses to seamlessly manage multi party payments in their ecosystem. Available in five major e-commerce hubs across India, Malaysia, Singapore, the UAE and UK, the Bank is the first leading transaction bank to introduce an application programming interface (API)-first programmable payouts offering, with live pilot clients

• Sriram Royam, Executive Director, Group Cash Management, Standard Chartered

2:00 - 3:30pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: Venture Building

• Harald Eltvedt & Alice Goh, SC Ventures 

• Kingshuk Ghoshal, TasConnect 

3:25 - 4:05pm SGT

Knowledge Plenary (ESG & Sustainable Finance)
at Hall 3 Singapore Expo

The Green Machine: AI and the Future

This session will cover:
- The problem with “greenwashing”, why it exists and where it is most prevalent
- How AI can be used to detect inaccurate disclosures related to (environmental impact/sustainability measures/ESG)

*Attend this session to complete the Day 1 requirements for the ESG Learning Journey! 


• Jaclyn Dove, Head of Sustainable Finance, Strategic Initiatives
Standard Chartered

• Liu Feng Yuan, VP, Business Development, Aicadium Singapore Pte Ltd

• Tetsuro Imaeda, Co-head of Global Banking Unit & Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG)

• Wu Shiwei, Chief Technology Officer.
Huawei Cloud APAC


• Parul Munshi, Partner, PwC South East Asia Consulting

3:30 - 5:00pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: Digital Asset Risk Management

• Gwenda Phillips & Esme Hodson, SC Ventures

3:30 - 5:30pm SGT

Elevandi Insights Forum, Room 3 at Singapore Expo

Unlocking Digital Collaboration Opportunities to Advance the Financial Ecosystem Towards Sustainable Finance

The roundtable aims to address the following outcomes:
1. Alignment on key challenges banks encounter in the transition toward net-zero commitments and sustainable financing
2. Outlining and underscoring digital, data and AI core-capabilities that can address key friction points
3. Promoting the potential of public-private digital collaboration and partnerships to smoothen and enhance the transition to green financing

• Pier Luigi Culazzo, Group Chief Data Officer, Standard Chartered

Thursday, 3 Nov

10:00 - 11:30am SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: Opportunity in Africa

• Mansa Nettey, Chief Executive Officer, Ghana, Standard Chartered
• Jiten Arora & Gordon Pfende, SC Ventures
• Aaron Gwak, Project Liberty

11:30am - 1:30pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: #SheStartsUp

• Lynette Lee, SC Ventures
• Amelia Ng, Olea
• April McKenna, Autumn

12:30 - 2:30pm SGT

Elevandi Insights Forum, Room 7 at Singapore Expo

The Business Model for CBDC Wallets

This session will explore options for a workable economic and risk model for future CBDCs and aim to drive the following outcomes:
1. Identify potential economic models for CBDC intermediation
2. Examine how needed functions, such as AML/KYC and cyber risk management, can be funded under a non-deposit taking revenue-generating model
3. Identify both the value-added customer services likely to be cannibalised and potentially realised by the advent of a retail CBDC


• Alex Manson, SC Ventures

• John Ho, Head, Legal, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

1:00 - 3:00pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: ESG & Sustainability

• Poyan Rajamand, Lynette Lee, Harald Eltvedt & Apurv Suri, SC Ventures

3:00 - 5:00pm SGT

Elevandi Insights Forum, Room 5 (Garnet 218), at Singapore Expo

Open Finance and Beyond

The roundtable will explore the opportunities and challenges along the journey from ‘Open Banking’ and ‘Open Finance’ towards a more holistic Open Data ecosystem, including with linkages across economies. In particular, the roundtable will focus on practical methods for overcoming barriers and realising the full benefit of Open Data, including in:
• Expansion beyond traditional sectoral boundaries
• Greater commonalities across borders, both in technical API standards and in policy frameworks
• Supporting data protection and user-empowerment, including with interoperable identity solutions


Kelvin Tan, Global Lead, Standard Chartered nexus

3:00 - 5:00pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: Digital Assets

• Saurav Bhatia, Global Head, Digital Assets, CPBB, Standard Chartered

3:20 - 4:00pm SGT

Knowledge Plenary (Banking for Business), Hall 2 at Singapore Expo

Africa, The Big Opportunity – Are FinTechs missing the plot?

With Africa’s population to hit 1.7 billion and projected to yield USD6.7 trillion in GDP by 2030, it is served by one of the most developed tech verticals in FinTech. African FinTechs remains as a hotbed for investment, with revenues expected to reach to US$30.3billion[1] by 2025. This panel explores the opportunities for Fintech in Africa and why Africa is a market to set your sights on.
- How has the landscape developed in various regions of Africa in recent years? What are some of the new trends in FinTech in Africa to likely grow in the near term?
- What are the big opportunities that foreign FinTechs are missing out and why should companies set their sight on the continent?
- How does Africa’ economic recovery look like? How will this shape the focus of fintech services offered in Africa?


Mansa Nettey, Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank Ghana PLC 

• Matthew Flannery, Co-founder & CEO, 

• Omosalewa ‘O’ Adeyemi, Senior Vice President, Market Penetration,  Flutterwave

• Soraya Hakuziyaremye, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Rwanda Moderator: 

• Matthew Gamser, CEO, SME Finance Forum, International Finance Corporation

4:00 - 4:40pm SGT

Knowledge Plenary (Banking for Business), Hall 2 at Singapore Expo

A Stocktake – Has AI failed to deliver in Banking?

This session will cover:
- Advancements in AI for banking and key areas of AI implementation in banks
- Obstacles to AI implementation in banking
- What are the key use cases banks should focus to apply AI in the near future? What are some aspects of responsible AI that are overlooked in banking?


Manohar Chadalavada, Managing Director, Global Head AI, Ecosystems and Open Banking, Standard Chartered Bank 

• Dong Shou, CEO, ADVANCE.AI

• Charmaine Wong, Head of Group BI & Analytics, Group Head of ESG Data & Analytics, HSBC


• Lee Joon-Seong, Managing Director - Accenture Applied Intelligence SEA Lead,

4:00 - 4:30pm SGT

Industry Initiatives Stage, Hall 3 at Singapore Expo

Size does matter: Is institutional money really into crypto or is it just too small?

In the 2021 bull market we saw a lot of news touting the arrival of the “Institutional Investor” and there was much celebration as the market touched $3T market cap a year ago. Since then we have had several significant market shocks, the market is beck to $1T market cap and the institutional investors (mainly family offices and hedge funds) are not making as much of a splash as we hoped. 

Where are the largest Asset Managers? Where are the pension funds? Where are corporate treasuries? And is it all just too small to be interesting?


• Caroline Bowler, CEO, BTC Markets Pty Ltd

• Chloe White, Managing Director,  Genesis Block Advisory

• Amy Zhang, VP, Sales, APAC, Fireblocks

• Dominika Nestarcova, Associate,
Goldman Sachs – Digital Assetss


Rene Michau, Global Head, Digital Assets, Standard Chartered Bank

Friday, 4 Nov

10:00 - 11:30am SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: Metaverse & Web3

• Apurv Suri, Gakim Solomons & Su Kiang Lau, SC Ventures

11:30am - 1:30pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: Funds & Investments

• Gautam Jain, Gakim Solomons & Alex Toh, SC Ventures

12:15 - 1:00pm SGT

Founders Peak, Hall 4 at Singapore Expo

The Curious Case of Capital Deployment (Part 3)


Alex Manson, SC Ventures

• Moran Levinovitz, Managing Director,

• Douglas Feagin, Senior Vice President,
Ant Group

• Takashi Sano, Chief Investment Officer,
MUFG Innovation Partners


• Pat Patel, Executive Director, Elevandi

1:00 - 2:30pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: Client Engagement & Partnerships

• Apurv Suri & Wei Soon Lum, SC Ventures

2:00 - 4:00pm SGT

Elevandi Insights Forum, Room 5 at Singapore Expo

The Next Frontier for Sustainable Finance in the Asia Pacific

This session will look at the opportunities, trends and the future direction of sustainable finance in the region, while also considering enabling policies, regulations and standards to support the financial sector in meeting its sustainable finance objectives.

This dialogue will directly feed into ESCAP’s Financing for Development publication series which provides regional data and policy recommendations to Asia Pacific’s governments.

• Jaclyn Dove, Head of Sustainable Finance Strategic Initiatives, Standard Chartered

2:00 - 4:00pm SGT

Elevandi Insights Forum, Room 3 at Singapore Expo

Asia Digital Bank CEO Strategic Roundtable

This roundtable will provide a deep dive on the maturity of Digital Banking and will bring together CEOs from leading digital banks across Asia to discuss growth opportunities, regulatory implications and lessons learnt along the digitalisation journey. We will address how risks and challenges can be managed while maintaining profitability.

• Dwaipayan Sadhu, CEO, Trust Bank

2:30 - 4:00pm SGT

Singapore Expo Hall 3
Standard Chartered Booth

Talkabout SCV: FinTech Bridge

• Simran Gill & Santosh Patel, SC Ventures

3:00 - 5:00pmSGT

Elevandi Insights Forum, Room 6 at Singapore Expo

The Use of Automated Market Maker in FX Management (for CBDC)

• Geoff Kot, Global Head, Financial Markets Electronic Trading & Platforms,
Standard Chartered

4:25 - 5:00pm SGT

Knowledge Plenary
(FinTech Regulation), Hall 3 at Singapore Expo

Building a Bank from scratch: Is there a path to profitability?

This session will cover:
- Digital Banking licences
- Key differences between tradfi and challenger banks
- Success stories?


• Dwaipayan Sadhu, CEO, Trust Bank

• Pranav Seth, Chief Digital Officer, Techcombank

• Simon Loong, Founder & Group CEO,

• Sheyantha Abeykoon, Group CEO,


• Elizabeth Neo, Presenter, CNA (Mediacorp)


Hong Kong Fintech Week Agenda

Our booth at HKFTW #A10




Monday, 31 Oct

11:00 - 11:30am HKT

Standard Chartered Booth

Fintech business models and the role of partnerships and ecosystems in breaking through to hypergrowth


• Tun Lin, Chief Investment Officer, Micro Connect

• Rezwan Shafique, Partner and Head of Capco Hong Kong

• Timothy Lo, SC Ventures

Moderator: Blums Pineda, Global Head, Internet Industries, Standard Chartered Bank            

11:45am - 12:25pm HKT

Global Stage & Streamed online for those 'Digital Passes'

Embracing new opportunities in the GBA for a sustainable future

• Are established Financial Institutions becoming the next Fintechs?

• Why are Financial Institutions integrating ESG into their financial decisions?

• How is Hong Kong acting as a two way Gateway between the GBA market and the international market?


Mary Huen, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong; Cluster Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau, Standard Chartered
• Calvin Choi, Chairman, AMTD Group
• Yu Sun, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive, Bank of China (Hong Kong)
• Angel Ng, Head of Asia, Citi Global Wealth
• Luanne Lim, CEO Hong Kong, HSBC

Moderator: Josephine Kwan, Partner, PwC Hong Kong

12:00 - 12:20pm HKT

Standard Chartered Booth

Meet our Intrapreneurs: A conversation with Michelle on saving and investing

 • What is intrapreneurship and why is it important to the organisation?

• Get to know some of our intrapreneurs

• Learn how about Michelle's idea to help millennials reach their financial goals and hear about her intrapreneur journey


Michelle Tsoi, Director, Web Management, Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong

• Andrew Lau, Head, CFCC, Hong Kong and Cluster Head, CFCC, HK, Taiwan and Macau, Standard Chartered Bank

2:20 - 2:50pm HKT

Standard Chartered Booth


Get to know myWealthDirect, our in-house tool on SC Mobile which helps Priority, Private and Priority Banking clients analyse their investment portfolios and provide personalised buy-and-sell investment ideas at their fingertips. The tool provides timely and personalised portfolio health insights to clients and integrates with SC Mobile Unit Trust Investment platform for a seamless execution journey.


• Sushil Anand, Executive Director and Chief Product Owner, Digital Advisory Group Wealth Management, Standard Chartered Bank

• Alison Chiu, Director, Senior Product Owner, WM Transformation Programme, Standard Chartered Bank

2:55 - 3:25pm HKT

Future Stage & Streamed online for those 'Digital Passes'

Beyond Hong Kong: Capitalising on the sheer power of data through the launch of CDI by HKMA

1. CDI pioneering banks to share their success stories and achievements riding on alternative data

2. The current pain points in commercial banking and the demand for cross border data

3. How cross border data can benefit banks in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (GBA), and other enablers in unlocking the potential of CDI


Winnie Tung , Managing Director & Head, Business Banking, Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Bank

• Aero Wong, Deputy General Manager of Commercial Banking Department, Bank of China (Hong Kong)

• Christina Ong, Head of Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC

• Michael Fei, Chief Executive Designate, PAOB

Moderator: Paul Sin, Director, Technology & Transformation, New World Development

3:00 - 3:30pm HKT

Standard Chartered Booth

Beyond Crypto Winter

• Richard Swainston, APAC Business Development Director, Metaco
• Michael Lau, Global Head of Sales, Bullish
• Jean-David Pequignot, Head of Digital Securities, OSL
Moderator: Dominic Maffei, SC Ventures

3:10 - 3:40pm HKT

Hong Kong Stage

Building fintechs and new digital businesses in Asia

A fireside chat on building FinTechs and digital businesses in Standard Chartered, including Mox Bank and Trust Bank, and a discussion on the future of banking through the lens of technology.


• Barbaros Uygun , CEO, Mox Bank

• Samir Subberwal , Head of Consumer, Private & Business Banking, Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

• Suresh Balaji , Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand & Marketing, Consumer Private & Business

Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

Moderator: Jessica Liu, Founder, Planto

3:40 - 4:00pm HKT

Standard Chartered Booth

How does GreenTech accelerate Net Zero?

Learn about the relationship between technology and climate change, how FIs are using technology to accelerate Net Zero and whether Green Tech is really making a difference.

Tracy Harris Wong, Head Sustainable Finance Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

Moderator: Cuong To, Head of Enterprise Risk Management Standard Chartered Bank

4:40 - 5:10pm HKT

Global Stage & Streamed online for those 'Digital Passes'

Global leaders series: The economy of tomorrow

1. How are banks adapting to new digital realities to thrive and excel?
2. Can the new megatrends and emerging tech help power institutions towards a more green and sustainable future?
3. How do you envision the banking industry to evolve and change in the near future


Bill Winters , Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank

• Daniel Pinto, President & COO, JP Morgan Chase

• Yvonne Man, Bloomberg Television

Tuesday, 1 Nov

10:35 - 11:05am HKT

Future Stage & Streamed online for those 'Digital Passes'

From open API to open finance, Enabling a cross industry collaboration to define the future of Financial Services

1. Live examples of cross industry collaboration using Open API

2. Explore future potentials of Open Finance

3. Discuss the role of participants in the Open Finance ecosystem


Gary Lau, Executive Director, Head of Digital Services and Open Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

• Annie Chen, Chief Retail Banking Officer, China Construction Bank (Asia)

• Samuel Cheung, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, FWD Hong Kong & Macau, FWD Insurance
• Patrick Zeng, CEO HK & Greater China, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE
• Crystal Fok, Head of STP Platform, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

Moderator: Fanny Yuen, Managing Director, Accenture Company Limited

10:40 - 11:10am HKT

Web3 Stage & Streamed online for those 'Digital Passes'

Has Anyone Seen Web3? Marketing Buzzword or Reality

1.Escaping from Big Tech’s control. Could Web3 be the privacy panacea
2. Why an intelligent internet powered by Machine Learning matters
3. Why data ownership and creativity have grown in importance

Dominic Maffei, SC Ventures, Standard Chartered

• Laura Shi, Director, Asia Strategy, ConsenSys

• Medhy Souidi, Head of Innovation & Ecosystems, DBS Bank

Moderator: Megha Chaddah , Senior Producer,

11:00 - 11:20am HKT

Standard Chartered Booth

Meet the Intrapreneurs
A Conversation with Vivian on Data and Identity

1. Intro: What is Intrpreneurship and why is it important to the organisation?
2. Getting to know some of our  intrapreneurs
3. Learn about Vivian’s idea on improving client engagement through data and her journey as an intrapreneur

• Vivian Li, Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships, SCBHK

• Norbert Wong, CRO, Hong Kong & Cluster CRO, HK, Taiwan and Macau, SCBHK

11:10 - 11:50am HKT

Future Stage & Streamed online for those 'Digital Passes'

Customer Centric Digital Journey

1. How can leaders build a customer success function and mindset at an organisational level?
2. Why designing a winning growth strategy is essential to maximise capital gains?
3. How can organisations tap into and integrate the different data silos to create better customer experiences?

Panellists :
Roel Louwhoff, Chief Transformation, Technology & Ops Officer, Standard Chartered Bank

• Kevin Zhang, Executive Director of AMTD InsurTech Group, AMTD Group
• Shinichi Takatori , Founder, Kyash
• Rachel Tang, Business Director, Meta

Moderator: Allen Wong, Deloitte China Digital IVP Leader

12:00 - 12:30pm HKT

Standard Chartered Booth

A Fireside Chat with the Sandbox: building a Web3 Community  

• Erich Wong, Head of Growth (HK), The Sandbox

• Bruce Wan, Account Manager, The Sandbox

• Dominic Maffei, SC Ventures

3:00 - 4:30pm HKT

Standard Chartered Booth

“HKU-SCF FinTech Academy Scholarship Presentation 2022 and FinTech Talent Study Results” Press Conference