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Meet Jason Wiggin, leading Intrapreneurship at SC Ventures


👋 Hi Jason, tell us about yourself! What are 3 words that best sum you up?

J: Direct, Social and Plucky

What do you do at SC Ventures, and how are you rewiring the 🧬 DNA in banking?

J: I basically harvest ideas from internal folks – whether at SC Ventures, Standard Chartered or our Ventures.  I curate the ideas with my team – we develop, refine, optimise, and validate them – then empower the person with the idea(s) to pitch them back to SC Ventures for sponsorship; or to the Bank for adoption if it’s an internal-only idea.  We call it  Intrapreneurship .

What about SC Ventures gets you out of bed in the morning? 💪

J: See my answer above.  I basically harvest ideas!  How cool is that?  Not only do I engage with the most creative people in the organization, but their creativity and drive helps me think differently…. So basically I see the coolest stuff, and a bi-product of that is I get smarter.  Not bad, right?

If you had a 🎙️ podcast, who would be your first guest and why?

J: I have an idea that I think would change the world, but I’m struggling to get the person/people with the right resources to hear me.  So, self-servingly, my podcast would have Barak Obama as my first guest. I think he’s the most inspirational leader I’ve seen in a long time.  Finally, he’s cool and funny.

Connect with Jason Wiggin and learn more about our #Intrapreneurship program, which we offer as a white-label solution.