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CLEAN OUR AIR: The Earthshot Prize Nomination Challenge with Standard Chartered!
Are you passionate about solving environmental challenges and have ground-breaking solutions that can change the world? We invite you to participate in our open call for nominations to be considered for the prestigious Earthshot Prize through Standard Chartered.

About The Earthshot Prize

The Earthshot Prize is a global environmental award initiated by Prince William and the Royal Foundation. It aims to incentivise innovative solutions to urgent environmental challenges. The prize focuses on five key areas: (1) protecting and restoring nature, (2) cleaning our air, (3) reviving our oceans, (4) building a waste free world, and (5) fixing our climate. It offers substantial funding and recognition to individuals, organisations, and projects that demonstrate scalable, impactful and creative solutions to address these pressing environmental issues. The ultimate goal is to inspire a decade of transformative action and create a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet. More information at

About the collaboration between Standard Chartered and The Earthshot Prize:

Standard Chartered is proud to be a Founding Partner with The Earthshot Prize. The collaboration signifies our commitment to identifying and supporting innovative solutions that address pressing environmental challenges. Together with the Earthshot Prize, we aim to catalyse transformative action and drive positive change for our planet’s future. We are currently working with Earthshot prize to seek nominations for the 2024 cohort.


1. Engaging citizens in data collection and clean air policies

2. Preventing the burning of fields, forests and waste

3. Transition to a clean transportation for all

Five Cross Cutting Enablers

1. Solutions that use technology, AI or data to enable transformative change*

2. Solutions that create or leverage nature and carbon markets, novel financial mechanisms and essential legal solutions*

3. Solutions led and informed by indigenous and local communities

4. Solutions that promote shared economy opportunity

5. Solutions that enable policy change

*Key Focus areas for Standard Chartered Bank

How to submit your nomination

Summarise your solution: Prepare a clear and concise summary (5 A4 pages) outlining your innovative solution to our Earthshot Prize’s key areas. and answer the qualifying questions presented during application submission.

Your summary should include:

1. Name of solution

2. Lead Nominee / Primary Point of Contact – Name and Contact Email

3. Category of focus area

4. Nominee Type – Individual, Team, Social Enterprise or Non-profit, For-profit (private or listed), public sector / government organisation, platform / partnership / consortium of multiple organisations

5. Stage of development: The solution should be beyond the idea stage where there is minimally working prototypes, programmes and initiatives, or completed pilots that demonstrate their effectiveness.

6. Demonstrate impact to date, and potential based on one or more of the following environmental metrics:

  • Hectares of land, ocean or freshwater systems protected or restored
  • Biodiversity increases on land, freshwater systems or in oceans
  • Reduction in concentrations of particulate matter (PM2.5/ PM10)
  • Tonnes of waste saved, reduced, recycledor avoided
  • Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions saved, captured or avoided

7. Explain how scale can / would be achieved - Include what partnerships would accelerate it, and what resources or skills may be needed.

8. Explain how winning the Earthshot Prize would help increase impact

9. Provide the background and profile of your leadership team

10. Submit your application by 3 Nov 2023.

Standard Chartered will carefully review all nominations and put together a list of strongest solutions for Earthshot’s evaluation. More information may be required for us to select the most promising ideas to nominate. Should your solution be selected, detailed information will need to be provided to Earthshot as per their requirements.

Encourage others in the fintech community who share your passion for environmental sustainability to participate too. By participating in this open call, you have the opportunity to be part of a global movement that recognizes and supports visionary solutions for our planet’s most pressing issues. Join us in creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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