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Shoal | Sustainable Finance Platform

  • Description

    Shoal is a sustainable finance platform for retail customers seeking to reach their financial goals in a way that also supports sustainable development and the fight against climate change. Shoal will launch in 2023 with its first product - a fixed saver account that will offer 3, 6 or 12-month Savings Pots that earn a competitive fixed rate of interest and help support a portfolio of sustainable projects around the world. In time, Shoal will offer its users a way to reach their financial and lifestyle goals with additional products – bringing the best of retail sustainable finance products together in one, modern and easy-to-use app. Whether you want to compliment your savings with sustainable investments, get a better loan rate for an electric vehicle or for home energy efficiency improvements, Shoal will give you access to the best deals around.

  • Industries

    Digital banking and lifestyle
    Personal finance management
    Sustainability and inclusion
    Investing/Investment Management
    ESG / Decarbonization
  • Mission

    We're on a mission to help everyone reach their financial goals in a way that supports sustainable development.

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