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    myZoi is enabling financial inclusion of every underbanked individual globally. There are over 1.4 billion adults who have no access to basic financial services. In UAE alone, there are over 3.3 million low income migrant workers, who lack access to financial services limiting their ability to save or invest. This in turn impacts their financial health, productivity and hinders economic growth. myZoi is here to change that. Through enabling financial inclusion for the underbanked, we are creating a more inclusive and equitable world. We are a force for good and we are committed to offering: 1) Tailored financial literacy and wellness programme to your employees; 2) Fully digital and compliant payroll process; 3) Instant transfers and competitive rates for your staff; 4) Improved social pillar of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) framework. Whether you are an SME or a large corporate, partner with myZoi to advance the social elements of ESG through improving financial literacy and inclusion of your employees. myZoi is in the process of obtaining regulatory approvals.

  • Industries

    ESG / Decarbonization
    Sustainability and inclusion
    Online economy and payments
    Customer Relationship Management
    Digital banking and lifestyle
    Personal finance management
    Innovation Management
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    Enabling financial inclusion for every underbanked individual globally.

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