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Podcast: AI, Tokenisation, and the Future of Finance

Mariah Alexis Neubronner
26th Feb 2024
Podcast: AI, Tokenisation, and the Future of Finance

In a recent episode of FUMO: Future Of Money Podcast, Alex Manson joined Ronit Ghose & Gaurav Dhar to discuss how #AI is changing the financial services landscape; the importance of maintaining high integrity in conduct of business for the safe growth of #digitalassets; our ambitions to support #UAE's dynamic fintech ecosystem, and the critical role of #adaptability in today's rapidly evolving sectors.


A few takeaways include:


πŸ”₯ #AI is like fire β€” once invented, it can’t be reversed but with control and thoughtful application, it has been a good thing for humanity. Similarly, regulation of AI use cases, not AI itself, is crucial.


πŸš€ Historically, we've seen that the winners are those who move fast on the rapid S-curve of #innovation.


πŸš€ Digital Assets are here to stay, and operating at institutional grade is critical. The risk for any financial institution not participating in this is becoming irrelevant to your clients.


Thank you XVC Tech and CFTE for the feature! Watch the full interview on their channels:

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