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A startup that specializes in combating money laundering and terrorism financing using Artificial Intelligence

Silent Eight came to us as a fairly small company with a great idea and a first version of their product but there was a long, complex journey on the horizon – the nature of their product (optimizing name screen processes to fight Financial Crime) required working with a lot of confidential data and building out a proof of concept.

Standard Chartered provided consistent support throughout the process – providing visibility within the Bank, a network that was ever willing to help, a proven methodology to test their solution and ultimately, a culture of innovation that is willing to take risks and put money behind ideas to roll them into production across our offices across the globe.

Silent Eight is currently working with Standard Chartered on anti-money laundering screening in the Financial Crime and Compliance area across our global footprint.

“It’s the sum of all the small things that made it possible for us to achieve what we did in a relatively short period of time, helping us reduce all the risks along the way so that we could get to the finish line faster.”
– Martin Markiewicz, CEO