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A San Francisco-based startup with a suite of operating solutions for adaptability

For what started out as a small team of 3-4, Standard Chartered’s belief in and commitment to Instabase was a key factor in the success of the partnership. 

Bringing Instabase into production from PoC, Standard Chartered acted as the constant bridge between the Instabase team and key stakeholders, facilitating discussions in consolidating and understanding the objects and operations of all involved parties by providing a dedicated team to navigate the Bank. 

The Standard Chartered approach was extremely focused on getting a real world use case, giving active feedback to iterate with them instead of long development plans.  

“Standard Chartered invested a lot of time and money into our small team. The team at Standard Chartered really believed in our product and that drove the project forward.”
– Anant Bhardwaj, CEO of Instabase