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A startup specializing in predictive models with machine learning technologies

In 2016, DataRobot won a tender with the Analytics arm of Retail Banking, building models to better target consumers for retail banking products via upselling and cross-selling.

Providing an influential point-of-contact, vested executive sponsorship and the opportunity to work through various use cases across our diverse markets, Standard Chartered empowered DataRobot to carve out a strong value proposition, and deliver a winning solution that we have been using for 3 years now.

“Traditionally with corporations, the points of contact that we’ve worked with have not been someone who’s embedded directly in the business. However, having the support of a champion who knew all the potential stakeholders and ensured they were involved throughout the entire process certainly made it much easier for us to facilitate a lot of the things we wanted to do.”
– Brendan Lim, Managing Director, Sales