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Co-CEOs to lead Assembly

Fast-growing fintech Assembly Payments has appointed Tim Dickinson and Rimal Gokani as its new co-CEOs, following the company’s joint venture with global bank Standard Chartered.

Dickinson takes on the role after working as Assembly Payments’ General Manager for almost a year, and three years in total scaling Assembly from start-up to growth company.

Gokani joins Assembly from SC Ventures, Standard Chartered’s innovation and venture arm, to lead the business on its global growth trajectory. He has two decades of international experience working in both finance and technology for Deutsche Bank, The London Stock Exchange and The New York Stock Exchange.

Co-founder and former CEO, Simon Lee will take a position on Assembly Payments’ board of directors.

He told The Australian he’s joining other highly experienced individuals from major financial institutions and technology businesses to drive the company’s growth and its payment solutions.

This transition is a result of almost a year’s worth of planning and structuring. It’s exciting to finally be able to announce this shift to the market and show that we’re ready for the next stage of our growth,” said Tim Dickinson, co-CEO of Assembly Payments.

“There has never been a greater need for global timely and effective payment technology. The speed and fluidity of payments could be the difference in dampening the blow of the ongoing COVID-19 led crisis.”

“Our joint venture with Standard Chartered puts Assembly in a unique position to roll out its payment technology globally at an expedited rate across Asia and Europe” said Rimal Gokani, Co-CEO of Assembly Payments.

“This is an exciting time for the payment technology industry and with its great team, agile technology and years of industry experience through the partnership Assembly has all the right ingredients to take the global payments world by storm.“

Co-founder and former CEO of Assembly Payments, Simon Lee added: “After six years of running at 100 percent it is now time to slow down a little. Handing the baton to Tim and Rimal was an easy decision as they are great strategic operators. I’m grateful to see Assembly in their safe hands. “Stepping back as a founder is always hard, but, together with the board I will continue to give my support when needed, as they take Assembly from being one of Australia’s most prominent fintechs to a globalised business.”

Assembly Payments has made three new board appointments.

Rampersand’s Paul Naphtali will now serve on Assembly’s board, assuming this role in addition to his current position as managing partner at Rampersand. SC Ventures‘ Gautam Jain and Standard Chartered Bank executive David Howes are also joining the company’s board.

Source: The Australian