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Rewiring the DNA in banking through Client Engagement

At SC Ventures, we’re set up to rewire the DNA in banking. To this end, partnerships with clients are critical. Corporates and institutions are thinking about how their industries are changing and how the needs of their customers are evolving – but they don’t always know where to start. This is where we come in. […]

TASConnect: Strategically co-creating with clients to deliver results

This year, we launched TASConnect, a bank-agnostic, supply chain finance platform, the result of a strategic co-creation between Lenovo and Standard Chartered, facilitated through SC Ventures’ client engagement framework. Learn how TASConnect was conceptualised, and how SC Ventures can drive more value for your clients.

Let’s Rewire the DNA in banking together

Alex Manson

Four years ago, we were set up with the mandate to propel Standard Chartered’s innovation agenda, and rewire the DNA in banking. Learn how we drive transformational impact through our four key pillars of engagement.