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Crypto Without Compromise Podcast: New Episode featuring Standard Chartered’s Bill Winters

The first episode of Zodia Markets‘ new podcast series “Crypto. WithoutCompromise” is out now! 🎙️ Tune in to hear from Bill Winters, Group Chief Executive of Standard Chartered, and Nick Philpott, Co-Founder of Zodia Markets, as they discuss the profound impact of Digital Assets on the financial sector. They share unique insights on the evolution of digital assets, the collaborative efforts between banks […]

Podcast: Kelvin Tan – Chief Executive Officer, audax | Navigating Intrapreneurship

In this episode of Leaders with Ambition – Asia Edition, host Michael Nette (Senior Managing Director, Ambition Singapore) engages in a captivating conversation with Kelvin Tan, the CEO of audax. Kelvin’s extensive background at Standard Chartered Bank and his journey into the digital banking space provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape.

Podcast: Breaking Banks Asia – Will banking as a service trump core banking?

Banks replacing their core banking has been likened to ‘doing brain surgery with a spoon’ and there are plenty of public examples where the surgery partly or completely failed.Is Banking As A Service a new pathway for banks struggling with aging core banking platforms? We speak with Sachin Sharma, chief product and commercial officer at […]

Podcast: Syed Ali, CEO of myZoi Financial Inclusion Technologies at SC Ventures Event

Join Ornella Hernandez at Hub71 offices in Abu Dhabi for an exclusive interview with Ali, CEO of myZoi Financial Inclusion Technologies, a portfolio company of SC Ventures. In this insightful conversation, Ali sheds light on myZoi’s mission to achieve financial inclusion for the underbanked and unbanked communities, starting with the blue-collar migrant workers in the […]

Saturday Mornings: Alex Manson on how SC Ventures is working to promote innovation and alternative business models for clients

Saturday Mornings host Glenn van Zutphen and co-host, award-winning author Neil Humphreys discuss SC Ventures with Alex Manson and how they’re reaching out to provide a platform for Standard Chartered to promote innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models for clients and their ecosystem partners in the developed and developing world.

Podcast: myZoi Financial Technology Solutions x Fintech Surge

Syed Ali, Co-Founder and CEO of MyZoi and Christian Buckles, Founder and Chief Product Officer of MyZoi discuss how the UAE is the ideal testing ground for their state of the art financial inclusion software, ensuring everyone can manage their wealth with ease.