SC Ventures Fintech Bridge is owned by STANDARD CHARTERED BANK with registered office at 1 Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V 5DD and registered in England with number (“Bank”, “we”, “us”).

You are accessing our on-line platform (“SV Ventures Fintech Bridge”), which allows innovative organizations and entities to connect with the Bank, pitch their solutions and post responses (“Responses”) to problems (“Challenges”) posted by us or our partners (‘Sponsors”).

In addition to these Ts&Cs, if you wish to participate in a specific Challenge, you may be asked to accept rules applicable to that Challenge (“Challenge Rules”).

  1. By opening an account (“Account”) on the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge you become a member (“Member”). Only Members can enroll in Challenges.  You confirm that you access SC Ventures Fintech Bridge on behalf of an organization or an entity and not in your capacity as an individual and that you have authority to bind your organization or an entity and to respond to Challenges on its behalf.
  2. To create your Account, you can either:
    • complete the mandatory fields in the registration form accessible through the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge; or
    • open an Account using Facebook or LinkedIn. By using this feature, we will access, and retain personal data obtained from these platforms. You can delete the link between your Account and these platforms at any time
  3. By creating an Account you confirm that you wish to engage with us and agree to be contacted by the Sponsor or any of our members. Your name, location and the details of your business or organization may be visible on the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge.
  4. You are responsible for keeping your Account password confidential. You agree to inform us if there is an unauthorized use of your Account or a security breach.
  5. As a Member you may:
    • participate in Challenges, provided you meet the requirements and agree to the Challenge Rules; and
    • access a personalized space on the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge that contains your profile, allows you to view the Challenges in which you have enrolled, and to communicate with the Bank and the Sponsor;
  6. Sponsors independently evaluate Challenges in accordance with their own criteria. Successful Members may be invited to present the Response. Sponsors’ decisions are final.
  7. Some Challenges may be marked as “Private Challenge”. Further information relevant to such Challenges will be available on invitation only basis.
  8. You agree that you as an individual and as the business or the organization you represent:
    • are the owner or rightful user of all intellectual property rights in Responses or any other content posted and that such posting will not infringe any third party’s copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights or violate any law;
    • are solely responsible for the content that you publish or upload to the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge. We expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for such content.
    • will not infringe our intellectual property rights;
    • will not try to bypass the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge for example by trying to contact or send a Sponsor your Response outside of the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge;
    • will not upload any material which contain viruses, malicious or harmful components or otherwise upload any material which is objectionable including, for example, unlawful, harassing, libellous, obscene or similar materials;
    • will not copy, modify, create derivative works of, reverse engineer otherwise attempt to discover any source code;
    • will not modify or attempt to modify the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge except for your own posted content; and
    • will not breach the law or these T&C.
  9. We may amend these T&Cs at any time by posting an updated version to the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge.
  10. For the purposes of the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge and the Challenges, you grant to us a non-exclusive, royalty free, global licence, to use the content and data that you submit on the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge. Specifically, you authorize us to display, publish and translate any content you provide, and to broadcast to share it with the public and with Sponsors.
  11. SC Ventures Fintech Bridge is owned by us.  Our proprietary software, and our or our partners’ materials on the Fintech Bridge, including logos, trademarks, trade names, images, text, audio, video files are protected by copyright, trademarks, service marks or other proprietary rights.
  12. We are not liable if a Challenge is interrupted, delayed or cancelled for any reason whatsoever. We are not responsible for the Member’s lack of success in a Challenge, for any loss (direct or indirect), loss of business that a Member may suffer through using the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge or participating in a Challenge.
  13. We will not be liable for any damages, claims, expenses or other costs you incur as a result of third party claims related to your use of the SC Ventures Fintech Bridge. Our total liability to you will not exceed 100 SGD (one hundred Singapore dollars). You agree that you will be responsible for, and at our request, defend us from third party claims arising out of content and information you provide to us in Reponses or otherwise.
  14. You can and close your Account and terminate the agreement at any time by clicking on the “Delete your profile” tab on your profile page or by contacting us. We reserve the right to suspend your account or terminate your account for any reason.
  15. You acknowledge and accept the processing of your personal data by us as set out in our Privacy Notice.
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  17. These T&Cs are governed and construed in accordance with English law and are subject to non-exclusive jurisdiction of courts of England.

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