We’ve set up a digital SME platform in India, offer SMEs access to financial and business solutions through a network of partnerships

Mar 14,2019--This is one of the disruptive business ventures being launched under SC Ventures, the innovation, investment and ventures unit of Standard Chartered.


Fintech Bridge: Connecting Standard Chartered to the Fintech Community. Launching in March 2019. Watch this space.

Feb 20,2019--The corporate world can be a complicated one to navigate. We understand how frustrating it can be for you to find the right people to take your solution forward. Similarly, it&#...


Private equity: Standard Chartered wants to combine venture capital with internal innovation

Oct 08,2018--Standard Chartered and venture capital have not been the best of friends in recent years. The bank has spent more than three years exiting its loss-making private equity arm, a ...


SC Ventures speaks to Asia Tech Podcast!

Apr 11,2019-- Listen to SC Ventures’ Marion Bernardi and Hari Rajmohan as well as Rene Michau from StandChart’s Global Banking unit on Asia Tech Podcast as they talk about the Fi...


In fintech, Asia is giving the West a run for its money: Alex Manson of Standard Chartered’s investment arm

Apr 11,2019-- Alex Manson talks about our newly launched Fintech Bridge, the changing banking landscape and how SC Ventures is rewiring the DNA in banking. Read the full article here.


We’ve partnered with PCCW, HKT and Ctrip Finance to build a new virtual bank in Hong Kong

Apr 11,2019-- Standard Chartered Bank was granted a virtual bank licence in Hong Kong, in partnership with PCCW, HKT and Ctrip Finance. The joint venture will draw on the partners’ respectiv...


Celebrating 1 year of achievements!

Apr 11,2019--In March, we celebrated our 1st year anniversary in 4 locations around the globe – Hong Kong, Kenya, London and Singapore.  As part of the celebration, we invited me...


Money20/20: Marion Bernardi speaks to Finextra about the Fintech Bridge

Apr 11,2019--Our very own Marion Bernardi, head of Fintech engagement here at SC Ventures, speaks to Finextra about the launch of our Fintech Bridge, the painpoints we’re addressing an...


We’ve launched our Africa eXellerator innovation hub in Kenya

Apr 11,2019-- p.big { line-height: 1.8; } We’re happy to announce the official opening of our Africa eXellerator lab, an innovation hub that will serve as a platform to collab...


Alex Manson, Head of SC Ventures: the Future of Banking is Bright

Mar 12,2019--Alex Manson, Global Head of Standard Chartered Ventures, keynoted the IBM “Finance x Digital Shift 2019” conference, and he had one message for the audience: the future of banki...


Rewiring the DNA in banking

Nov 02,2018--The Global Head of our innovation hub SC Ventures on transforming banking with intrapreneurs, fintechs and new business models