Rewiring the DNA in banking

SC Ventures is a business unit in Standard Chartered to enable innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models.

Enabling Innovation

Our eXellerator labs facilitate innovation and culture change across the Bank. It is a platform which supports the Bank’s intrapreneurs and clients along their innovation journey.

Business Ventures

We sponsor and oversee the formation of new business ventures, focusing on disruptive business models to create optionality. We test by incubating, setting up and spinning off businesses that are independent and distinct from the bank.

Investment Fund

We invest in Fintech companies that enable forward-thinking capabilities and manages Standard Chartered’s minority stakes in its fintech partners.

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Standard Chartered Ventures



Focused on “Rewiring the DNA in banking”, we leverage on human-centric design, lean start-up approach and fintech enablement, while nurturing an intrapreneurial culture by empowering people to take initiative. We deliver forward-thinking innovations through an open platform and a network of people and partnerships.

Our team consists of a global team of banking, investment, technology and human-centred design specialists.

SC Ventures Fintech Bridge

A Bridge to connect startups to Standard Chartered and our clients

SC Ventures Fintech Bridge

The corporate world can be a complicated to navigate. We understand how frustrating it can be for fintech startups to find the right people and take your solution forward. Similarly, it’s difficult for us, as a bank to find the right solutions for our specific problems. That’s why we’ve created a bridge to link  our business units to startups and the rest of the ecosystem.

We are continuously looking for new opportunities to collaborate and partner up across our footprint. If you are a startup, we are calling you pitch your solutions or ask for investment. If you are a community builder, you can recommend startups for collaboration. Either way, you will be directed to the right people inside the Bank

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