Engaging people on business challenges and co-create with clients and fintechs

22k+ members on ideation platform
2,000+ staff ideas on ideation platform
400+ startups on Fintech Bridge
7 business challenges on Fintech Bridge
6 ideas on path to production
3 ideas on path to venture

SC Ventures Fintech Bridge as a community platform 

  • Connecting startups, investors, ecosystem partners to Standard Chartered and its corporate clients
  • Facilitated by the proof of concept framework which enables fintech partners start a POC in the Bank within two weeks

Innovation ecosystems across our markets

  • 5 eXellerator labs in Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Kenya, Shanghai & 1 fintech scouting location in San Francisco
  • Business problem-solving and client co-creation by facilitating businesses and clients adoption of innovation and fintech solutions, focusing on user needs using Human Centered Design, lean startup & agile

Intrapreneur programmes

  • An innovation platform within the Bank by providing employees with the resources and tools to bring their ideas to life
  • Facilitated by SC Innovate ideation platform for staff to submit ideas or respond to published business challenges