SOLV supporting India’s SMEs and community during COVID-19

India’s lockdown to stem the spread of COVID-19 has affected many business owners, and disruption in the supply chain had caused a massive shortage. Kiranas (grocery shops), medium to large retailers have had to close their shops.

India’s government has since allowed stores supplying essentials to open. But retailers and grocers do not have the channels and connectivity to procure their supplies from those higher up in the value chain, namely, manufacturers, traders and wholesalers.

Our venture SOLV, a B2B conversational commerce platform, is helping businesses get back on track.

How has SOLV helped?

SOLV is helping all sellers and buyers who are already on their platform; deliver basic, daily essentials such as groceries, fresh produce and FMCG products.

  • For suppliers who are unable to continue doing business with their regular buyers, SOLV is helping them connect with new buyers.
  • For buyers who are struggling to get supplies from their existing suppliers, SOLV is helping them connect with new suppliers.

The lockdown is to enforce public health safety. So even if retailers are open, going out and getting supplies poses a serious health hazard. Our SOLV team is going the extra mile by helping retailers supply large residential communities, non-profit organizations and hospitals. They are actively engaged in assisting small businesses to operate, in turn, supporting people in getting access to much-needed supplies.

So far, the team has helped thousands of SMEs on the platform and they continue to add more businesses onto the platform every day. The crisis has accelerated SOLV’s business model in terms of relevance, impact and reach out to new segments and opportunities. SOLV believes there is potential in servicing them even in the long run.

Know of India-based SMEs in need?

Email – / call & whatsapp +91 91081 91081

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