Enabling innovation

Empower employees to think creatively and deliver impactful change as part of their work life – innovation is primarily about people.

We want to leverage our size,  as a 80,000-strong startup. That’s 80,000 people worth of ideas.

Through the eXellerator, we are igniting a culture of innovation and a mindset that believes “good” isn’t good enough. We want employees to challenge processes and question our ways of working and finding solutions are the most efficient, innovative and customer-centric.

An idea is only as good as its execution, so along with this change in mindset, we empower our employees to embrace this spirit of initiative and put their ideas into action.

The eXellerator lab

A physical space which facilitates innovation and culture change across Standard Chartered. It also supports our intrapreneurs and clients along their innovation journey. Currently, the eXellerator has four locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Kenya which connects teh Bank directly to different region’s fintech ecosystem.

SC Innovate ideation platform

SC Innovate, a global employee ideation platform for Standard Chartered for staff to submit innovative ideas that could potentially go into production, crowd-voted by peers and seed funding.



A programme for employees to submit disruptive ideas which positively impact the financial sector. Intrapreneurs are supported from submission of ideas, to reviewing or refining through coaching and subject matter experts, to funding and build working prototypes with an opportunity to implement in the bank or spin off as a new venture.